KOSPI (SEOUL.NDX) - Close: 1 982.09 (+1.25), Nov 27, 2014

Chart Technical Analysis KOSPI (SEOUL)

 Neutral -Medium term, Nov 27, 2014Analysis Explanation
KOSPI does not show any clear trend. Is moving within a rectangle formation between support at 1903 and resistance at 2093. A decisive break through one of these levels indicates the new direction for the index. The index is between the support at points 1970 and the resistance at points 2013. A definitive break through of one of these levels predicts the new direction. The index is overall assessed as technically neutral for the medium long term.

1 day-0.53%0.00+0.06%
5 days0.001.77%0.00+0.88%
22 days0.004.47%0.00+2.93%
66 days0.007.96%0.00-3.82%
Trend 0%0.00 - 0.00
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