Investtech's systems are built on research dating back to 1994, and several projects have received support from the Research Council of Norway. Our research is based on principles from mathematical pattern recognition, statistical optimisation and behavioural finance.

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"For 20 years, our mathematicians and statisticians have developed computer systems that analyse market psychology. Investtech's analyses are independent of investments firms, banks and the stock companies, and make an important complementary addition to, or replacement for, fundamental analyses."

Geir Linlkken
Head of Research and Analyses

What is technical analysis?

  • Analysis of market psychology
  • A timing tool, which says when to buy a stock
  • A stock picking tool, which says which stocks to buy
  • Identification of trends and buy and sell signals

  • Technical analysis is the study of historical price development aiming to predict future price development.
  • It is built on the principle that investors act from greed and fear and that investors as a group repeatedly make the same mistakes again and again.
  • Studying price charts can reveal the psychological state of investors and its likely future development.
  • Thus technical analysis is often used as a timing tool for the purchase and sale of stocks.
  • Technical analysis is also used by many as a screening tool to find current buy cases.
  • In addition, technical analysis is used as a monitoring tool which says when the sentiment of a stock changes, generally through identification of concrete buy and sell signals.
  • Using computers to carry out the analyses makes the results entirely objective, unlike analyses from most investments firms and in the media, which are subjectively written by people.
  • Investtech offers tools that make it easy to get started using technical analysis.
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