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The book describes the most important elements of technical analysis in a short and precise manner. Much emphasis is placed on the use of concrete examples so that the reader sees the theory being put to practical use and quickly learns to utilise the valuable tool that technical analysis is. Price € 19.9 + shipping.

The book has about 100 pages and covers the following subjects:

  • Market psychology
  • What is technical analysis?
  • Trends
  • Support and resistance
  • Price patterns
  • Volume
  • Momentum
  • Moving average
  • Market direction
  • Early Warning
  • Trading strategies

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  ISBN: 82-99021-6-5
Authors: Geir Linlkken and Steffen Frlich
Publisher: AS
Language: English
Published: 2004
Pages: 100
Binding: Paperback
Ordinary price: 19.9,-
Postage: 3.5,-