Technology wins this autumn (14th October 2011)
By R&D Manager Geir Linlkken

Nasdaq-100 index - NDX100

The American Nasdaq100 index, which is comprised of the biggest technology companies in the USA, closed Thursday at 2327 points. The index then is UP five per cent so far this year. Technology stocks have done well also since the top this summer, with a fall of only four per cent vs. the ten per cent fall of the Dow Jones Industrial index.

Below we have a look at some of the giants.

Google - GOOG

After closing yesterday, the search engine giant Google presented very strong Q3 results. The stock went up over six per cent in the after-hours trading, in addition to two per cent before closing. As early as Wednesday the Google stock gave a buy signal from a double bottom formation. Investors have been increasingly positive to the company and the stock is in a rising trend channel in the long term. Further rise is signaled.

Apple - AAPL

The death of Mr Steve Jobs did not influence the Apple stock to any significant degree and the stock has followed the index up since October 5th. The company has been one of the worlds best growing companies the past few years and the stock price has increased fivefold since 2009. The stock is in a rising trend channel and further rise is signaled. At reactions back, support is at 352 dollars.

Intel - INTC

The microprocessor giant Intel is in a slightly rising trend channel on the medium term. The stock has broken up through earlier resistance at 23.20 dollars and a buy signal has been triggered. Further rise is signaled. At reactions back, support is at 22.00 and 23.20 dollars.


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