New and better analysis charts!

We have significantly improved our analysis charts. The charts are bigger and show more detail, and the content can be adjusted to suit your preferences.


The chart is bigger, looks better and has higher resolution. All the familiar elements are still there and are still generated by Investtechs mathematical algorithms. However, you can now choose which technical indicators you want to see. This allows you to focus on the elements that are part of your strategy.

Technical indicators

"Technical indicators" is a new function. It is a drop-down menu with indicators that you can include in or remove from the analysis chart. In addition to technical indicators like Trends, Support and resistance, Formations, Volume and RSI, you can choose whether to see Interactive price data (mouseover function that shows historical prices) and Insider Trade Analysis. This means that on the Professional level, you can access Insider Trade Analysis on both short and long term in addition to medium term. Green light shows that an indicator is switched on.

Analysis menu

The analysis menu remains the same. You pick the horizon for the analysis (short, medium or long term), Overall analysis, Reports written by Investtech about this company, Early warning, Results analysis, Insider Trade Analysis, Help and Sector lists. Position the cursor above the buttons to see the menu explanation. Note that your subscription level determines which menu items you have access to.

Analysis, indicators and signals

Below the chart is a specific recommendation for the chosen time horizon with full explanation. The indicators to the right of the text give easy access to key information. They show trend development, rate of rise/fall (continuing for 12 months), Volume Balance for the past 5, 22 and 66 days (week, month, quarter), and buy and sell signals from the chart.

Below is a simple graphic explanation.


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