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Investtech offers unique technical analyses with trends, price patterns, support- and resistance levels and RSI. A written interpretation of each chart is also provided, likewise a TOP 50 list with the most interesting stocks and much more.

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Investor subscription
  Daily updates - of the following:

Advanced charts - Price charts with trend channels, price patterns, support- and resistance levels, RSI, volume, etc. The charts cover the past 18 months and are well-suited as a decision support tool for investments with a time horizon of 1 to 6 months.

  Comments - Describes the Advanced chart linguisticly and gives an evaluation of the technical analysis (Positive, Negative or Neutral). The comments and evaluations are written automatically by Investtech's systems.

  Status tables - Rank the companies by volatility, liquidity, price change and volume balance for the past 1, 5, 22 and 66 days. The status for trading strategies based on trend, moving average and short term and long term support and resistance is also shown.

Moving Average - For the last 30 and 100 days. Moving Average is used to identify trends and trend reversals.

  Morning Report - With full analyses and concrete evaluations for stocks that have given positive or negative signals.

  Todays Case - The strongest positive or negative candidate of the day, based on Investtech's automated systems.

  Top 50 - Is a daily updated list with the up to 50 most positive candidates based on Investtech's technical analysis system.

Long term charts - have the same information as the Advanced charts and cover a timespan of up to 6 years.

  My portfolio - Easy access to your personal selection of analyses of stocks in your own portfolio or that you are especially interested in.

Trader subscription
  Investor subscription Is included.

Short Term Charts - Have the same information as Advanced charts, but with a time horizon of max. 5 months.

  Trend signals - Shows stocks which have recently entered into a rising or falling trend in the short, medium or long term.

Candle sticks - Show intraday details such as open, high, low and close for the last month of trading.

  Statistics - Sort stocks by volatility, liquidity, winners, losers and high/low RSI.

  Pivot points - Lists of newly identified top and bottom points in the price chart and the RSI chart. Stocks with new bottom points could be buy candidates.

Professional subscription
  Trader subscription - Is included.

  Signals - An overview of the stocks that have most recently given positive or negative signals. It is also possible to select overviews of the most recent signals of a certain type, for example positive signals from inverted head-and-shoulder patterns or rectangles.

  Hausse indexes - For analysis of the market as a whole and evaluating how broad a bullish or bearish market trend is.

Overall analysis - Gives a combined evaluation based on technical analysis on the short, medium and long term, as well as Insider Trading analysis at the markets where this is available.

Early Warning - Shows which price levels will trigger future positive or negative signals. This makes it possible to prepare and decide what to do before the price levels have actually been broken.

  Stock Selection - A number of different reports that rank stocks with certain combinations of liquidity, volatility and technical criteria. These reports make it easier to find good positive and negative candidates.

  Chart View - Presentation of stock lists and analyses reports with charts for all the companies. Chart view can be selected on most tables, like Top50, Signals, Trends , Stock selection and My portfolio. This way you can much quicker scan through and assess the current companies visually.

  Trading Opportunities - Shows combinations of technical factors that strongly indicate major price movements. The price to buy at, the target price and a stop loss level are all clearly indicated.

  No Advertising - No banners, pop-ups or other advertising, making it easier to concentrate on the stock analyses.

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Investtech guarantees neither the entirety nor accuracy of the analyses. Any consequent exposure related to the advice / signals which emerge in the analyses is completely and entirely at the investors own expense and risk. Investtech is not responsible for any loss, either directly or indirectly, which arises as a result of the use of Investtechs analyses. Details of any arising conflicts of interest will always appear in the investment recommendations. Further information about Investtechs analyses can be found here The content provided by is NOT SEC or FSA regulated and is therefore not intended for US or UK consumers.