About Investtechs Analyses

Investtech's automatic analyses are based upon advanced methods within pattern recognition, statistics and mathematics, developed since 1993. Emphasis is especially placed upon trends, support and resistance, stock price formations and volume.

For each stock and for each time perspective, a chart is produced together with it's associated analysis. By using traditional theory for technical analysis, see Technical Analysis - For reduced risks and increased returns, the computers interpret what they find in the chart and then create both the analyses, text and the correct recommendation, entirely automatically. This leaves no room for subjective interpretation, which is a common problem with traditional technical analysis, where the analysts draw the trend, support and resistance lines, and interprets this.

The recommendations from the automatic analyses are given as Buy, Weak Buy, Wait/Watch, Weak Sell and Sell. Some places, however, the following are used: Technical score

The analyses are produced and assessed following traditional technical analysis theory. Investtechs research indicates that this theory largely agrees with what we observe in the market. However, the research also shows that certain factors statistically have not given the price development the theory suggests. See Research for details.

The analyses are produced and published as soon as possible after the closing of the exchange, and at the latest before exchange's opening the following day.


Time Perspectives
Investtech has three time perspectives for our analysis charts and recommendations.

Time Perspective Chart Investment Perspective
Short Term 5 months 1-6 weeks
Medium Term 18 months 1-6 months
Long Term 6 years 1-6 Quarters
Investtech also provides Candlestick charts covering 21 days. This, combined with short and medium term analysis charts, we consider best suited for investments with 0-10 days perspective.

For more information about Investtech and our analyses, please contact us via e-mail info@investtech.com or telephone +47 21 555 888.


Investtech guarantees neither the entirety nor accuracy of the analyses. Any consequent exposure related to the advice / signals which emerge in the analyses is completely and entirely at the investors own expense and risk. Investtech is not responsible for any loss, either directly or indirectly, which arises as a result of the use of Investtechs analyses. Details of any arising conflicts of interest will always appear in the investment recommendations. Further information about Investtechs analyses can be found here www.investtech.com/disclaimer. The content provided by Investtech.com is NOT SEC or FSA regulated and is therefore not intended for US or UK consumers.