Technical score

Technical score is shown some places on the Investtech site in brackets after a stock's evaluation, and some places in the tables with listings of many stocks.

Technical score is an automatic evaluation of the stock performed by Investtech's software. The evaluation is done on a scale from -100 to 100, there values less than -50 are "sell candidate", from -50 to -25 "weak sell candidate", from -25 to 25 "neutral", from 25 to 50 "weak buy candidate" and over 50 "buy candidate". Technical is calculated score for short, medium and long term technical analysis. There is also a similar score for Insider Trading analyses for the markets where this is availble.

The technical score for the Overall Analysis is calculated as a normalised sum of the technical score for short, medium and long term analyses. The score from Insider Trading analysis is also used where available. Note that the technical score for the Overall analysis may be higher than the average of the short, medium and long term analysis. This is due to the normalisation, which means a stock that is weakly positive on many criteria can become more positive overall. A parallel could be a stock that has received buying recommendations from three stock brokers, which is more positive than a buy recommendation from just one stock broker.


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