Chart View and Stock Selection

Chart View lets you see the charts of all stocks in a certain list or report below each other. This makes it much quicker to check a large number of stocks' charts.

In addition to the chart, other information about the stock is shown. This same information is shown when selecting table overview under Stock Selection.

The company's symbol. Click on the symbol or the company name to get to the analysis of the stock.

Shows the period for which average liquidity and volatility is computed. If no period is indicated, 1 month is used.

Technical score
This is a technical evaluation of the stock performed automatically by Investtech's programs. The evaluation is on a scale from -100 to 100, where values below -50 are seen as "sell candidate", between -50 and -25 as "weak sell", between -25 and 25 as "neutral", between 25 and 50 as "weak buy", and above 50 as "buy candidate".

Average daily trading volume during the indicated period. The number is in million kroner, euro or dollar.

Average difference between lowest and highest price during the indicated period. Volatility is a much-used indicator of risk.


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