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This is an unofficial office translation into English of the Norwegian original text. The translation is made for information purposes only and the Norwegian version prevails in case of conflict between the English translation and the Norwegian original.

Privacy Policy

In order for you to use our analyses, we need to store your contact information so we can contact you regarding your customer relationship with Investtech, for example to send you invoices or updates on new research. It is therefore necessary that you give us permission to store your contact information when you order access to our analyses. In principle we do not store any personal information other that what you provide. In cases where the information we have is wrong or inadequate, we may update your information based on external sources. An example may be where we lack postal address to issue an invoice. In cases where we collect information from external sources, we will send you a copy of the information we have collected and tell you where we acquired it from. You can change your contact information when logged into the system or by contacting us by e-mail or phone. We store the information until you ask us to delete it, but may also at any time delete data about customers who have not been subscribers for some time. However, data cannot be deleted until we have fulfilled our legal duties as stated in the Norwegian Accounting Act. Customers who request that their personal information be deleted before our legal obligations are fulfilled, will have their accounts deactivated until data can be deleted. Deactivated customer cards are not available to our customer support team. are responsible for treatment and storage of personal data. Data is partly stored locally with and partly in Syse AS’ servers ( Only Investtech staff and our auditor RSM Norge can see who makes payments to Investtech.

Beyond the information you provide, our systems store information about which pages you visit on our site and which operating system you are using, whether you are using a computer or a mobile device, and which IP address you are using. These data are stored anonymously and used to measure and analyze traffic on our web site, in order for us to adjust and improve our services based on our customers’ group usage of our services. All data that are automatically collected, are treated anonymously on the group level. Google Analytics is used to collect some of these data. Beyond this, no information is collected from other sources and will not share your information or information about you with others.

All personal information stored is only available to staff. The information you save, like your own portfolios, alarms, notes and stock scores, are only available to yourself and Investtech’s database manager. Investtech cannot use data you save for any purpose other than group level statistics and systems control.

Investtech is required by law to record telephone conversations and store electronic communication. Investtech records all conversations you have with us. Recordings may only be used when we have a need to document what has been said. Recordings are stored for at least five years and are deleted when Investtech no longer has legitimate grounds for continuing to store them. Investtech can be ordered to disclose information to public authorities and others entitled to demand disclosure according to law.


When you visit our web site, your browser receives cookies from Investtech. These contain no personal information. We use cookies in order to adjust our web site to your preferences when you navigate from page to page, such as language settings and subscription level.

Google Analytics may also send a cookie to your browser. No personal information is stored in these cookies.

There are two kinds of cookies: one is automatically deleted when the browser is closed or you log out from, and one is deleted after a certain amount of time. You can manually delete the latter from your browser at any time.

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or our treatment of personal information, please contact us by e-mail to or by phone to +47 21 555 880.

Terms of subscription - AS ("Investtech")

A subscription with Investtech provides access, via a username and password, for logging into Investtechs technical analyses services. The username and password are personal and can exclusively be used by the legal purchaser of the subscription ("the customer"). The subscription is for the customers exclusive use and the customer is solely responsible for the security and privacy of their username and password. In the event of suspected misuse, the customer is required to report the fact to Investtech. The subscription and its subject matter are personal, and the analyses and other materials the customer has access to, shall not be communicated to other parties, neither written, by word of mouth or electronically. The contents of the analyses are to be viewed as the property of Investtech. Contracts involving multiple users, such as company or group contracts, are entered into under the premise that all individual users accept and adhere to Investtechs terms of subscription and disclaimer.

Period of subscription
The customer decides if the subscription is to continue for 1, 3, 6 or 12 months, based upon current up-to-date prices. The subscription will run from the date of ordering until the chosen period is at an end. Upon ordering, the customer is automatically designated a username and password for the services. In the event of the customer previously having a username and password, this will not be resent, unless requested by the customer. The customer must therefore themselves ensure that they have the required information to be able to make use of the analyses. The subscription period is renewed automatically at the end of the period. If one wishes to alter the subscription, then notification must be sent in written form prior to the end of the subscription period. Subscriptions which are not cancelled prior to the end of the subscription period will automatically be renewed, at the current rate.

Subscription level:
The customer can select one of four different subscription levels: Investor, Trader, Professional or Institutional. The various levels represent different access rights and are described in more detail under membership. Investtech reserves the right to, at any time, alter the content within the individual subscription levels or analyses. In the event of such alterations, however, it must be stressed that the subscription level will by no means be significantly diminished. Investtech cannot be held responsible for changes in the subscription level and content which may arise as a consequence of alterations caused by a third party, herein alterations of a regulatory and content-provider nature. Investtech reserves the right to change the customers subscription level if necessary, provided that the customer is not given diminished subscription content. Should there be an alteration of a subscription which significantly diminishes the subscription content, then the customer will be given at least one months notice prior to the alterations being implemented. Should the customer not agree to accept the alterations, then he/she has the right to cancel the subscription with one month’s written notice.

Subscription market:
Investtech offer analyses for a varied selection of markets. A market is defined as stocks within the same geographical area, the same sector or of similar grouping, such as for example countries, indices, raw materials or currencies. The customer may themselves choose which markets they wish to subscribe to. Investtech will endeavor to offer technical analyses which cover the majority of all listed securities and/or instruments within the individual markets that are made available, with reservations for possible deviations. Investtech reserve the right to at any time be able to decide the content for a given market. The customer is personally responsible for checking to see if the market content meets the customers’ needs. Investtech can also alter or remove markets and the content of the various markets, based on business-related or system-critical grounds. In the event of such alterations negatively affecting the customers contract agreement to a significant degree, then the customer has the right to terminate the agreement with one month’s written notice.

Payment for the subscription must occur, at the latest, within 14 days of the order being placed, or within 14 days of the start of a new subscription period. In the event of a missing or incomplete payment, Investtech has the right to close the customers access to the services. The customer should to the best of their ability ensure that the payment is made in a proper and orderly fashion, in accordance with the payment requirements, and also ensure that the necessary contact information is correct. Delays or errors which occur as a result of incomplete information on the customers part are the customers responsibility. The subscription period is paid for in advance, and the subscription payment is non-refundable should the agreement be cancelled prior to the end of the subscription period.

Cancellation limit.
The customer has the right to cancel the subscription in accordance with the laws of purchase.

Information and disclosure requirements:
If significant alterations are made in the terms and conditions, then the customer is to be notified at a minimum of one month before the alterations are implemented. The customer is responsible for ensuring that the contact information is kept up-to-date, such that Investtech is easily able to contact the customer. The customer accepts that all communication can take place through e-mail.

Investtech is responsible for ensuring that customer details remain confidential and are not misused. Customer details will be saved securely, complying with the current laws of data protection. Investtech does not retain any information deemed to be sensitive personal details.

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The main focus of AS ("Investtech") is to develop and provide automatically generated technical analyses.

Investtechs automatic analyses are based upon advanced, self-developed methods within pattern recognition, statistics and mathematics. In the analyses, major emphasis is placed upon trends, support and resistance, price formations and volume.

For each recommended stock, multiple charts are provided within various time horizons together with their respective analyses. Based on the traditional theory for technical analyses, our computers interpret what they find in the charts. The computers then automatically generate the analysis text and a concrete recommendation. Investtechs automatic analyses are therefore entirely objective.

The recommendations from the automatic analyses are shown as buy, weak buy, wait/watch, weak sell and sell. In some areas a technical point total is also given (more information about this is available here).

The automatic analyses are created and publicized as soon as possible following the exchanges closing time, at the latest prior to the next days opening. [The algorithms process the latest information and a new total evaluation is given based on the latest price developments.]

For some markets Investtech produce, in addition to some subjective analyses, selections or comments which aren't automatically produced. This is a manual process, performed by one of Investtechs analysts. The aim of this task is to identify good buy and sell opportunities for Investtechs customers, ensuring they are given the best possible decision making basis for successful investments. In such cases, clear details will be given with the name and position of the employee responsible for the analysis, selection or comment. All the history for the subjective analyses is available on the subscription pages, under the individual companies.

Investtech provides no personal investment counseling and never gives personal recommendations. Neither does Investtech provide value assessments of financial instruments.

The content of these pages may not be distributed, nor in any way published, copied, changed, modified, sold, licensed or sublicensed.

Further information concerning Investtechs analyses are available here.

All analyses developed by Investtech are based upon information which is deemed to be correct. Investtech, however, guarantees neither the accuracy nor the entirety of the analyses, and cannot be held responsible to its users for arising errors or missing data within the analyses.

Investtech would like to emphasize that there will always be an associated uncertainty toward all statements of expected future development which arise in the analyses. Such statements must never be interpreted as promises or guarantees by Investtech.

Investtech would like to point out that all forms of investment in stocks or other security instruments is associated with high risk and the possibility of loss. Any consequent exposure is completely and entirely at the investors own expense and risk. Investtech is not responsible for any loss, either directly or indirectly, which arises as a result of the use of Investtechs analyses. For further information about the risk linked to investments, check here.

Investtech does its utmost to deliver a high quality service, with updates in plenty of time before the exchange opening each day. Investtech is not, however, responsible for delays caused by production technicalities or other unforeseen events.

Investtech never receive information for usage in the analyses directly from the issuers. No recommendations are made available outside of Investtech prior to publishing, with the exception of the analyses made available throughout partners. In such cases, however, there will never be any alterations in the analyses after they are made known to these.

In order to avoid potential conflicts of interest, Investtech has drawn up ethical guidelines and internal regulations for our analysts. These are available here.

In the event of Investtech, an analyst or their relatives, having an interest of ownership for a security which is referred to in an analysis, then details of this will be given in the analysis. The analysts shall, in accordance with internal regulations, have no prior knowledge of other employees interest of ownership in the securities. An updated summery of the analysts own shareholdings is available here.

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