Why Investtech

Good results with Investtech's analyses

  • Objective analyses
  • User friendly
  • Time-saving
  • Good results

Model portfolios with good average annual return.

Investtech has more than 15 years of experience

  • Norwegian company established in 1997
  • Offices in Oslo and Kjeller - 16 employees
  • Specialists on quantitative analyses
  • Research projects supported by the Research Council of Norway
Geir Linlkken
Founder & Head of Research

Analyses with concrete recommendations for more than 29,000 stocks

  • Independent and objective analyses
  • Concrete buy and sell signals
  • Clear-cut recommendations
  • Documentation from research and reports

"Investtech analyses the psychology of the market and gives concrete trading suggestions every day."

Espen Grnstad
Partner & Senior Advisor - Investtech

Research on trend signals

Trend: + 20.0 % annually
Index: + 12.8 % annually