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OMX Copenhagen 25 GI (OMXC25GI)

Close: 1954.6500 (-12.8500), 24 Mar 2023
OMX Copenhagen 25 GI is in a rising trend channel in the medium long term. This signals increasing optimism among investors and indicates continued rise. The index is moving within a rectangle formation between support at 1919 and resistance at 2027. A decisive break through one of these levels indicates the new direction for the index. The index is testing resistance at points 1970. This could give a negative reaction, but an upward breakthrough of points 1970 means a positive signal. The index is overall assessed as technically neutral for the medium long term.

Tryg (TRYG)

Close: 146.0500 (-2.1500), 24 Mar 2023
Tryg has broken the falling trend channel down in the medium long term. This signals an even stronger falling rate. It also gave a negative signal from the head and shoulders formation at the break down through the support at 150. Further fall to 132 or lower is signaled. The stock has support at kroner 135 and resistance at kroner 150. Volume has previously been low at price tops and high at price bottoms. This confirms the trend. The short term momentum of the stock is strongly negative, with RSI below 30. This indicates increasing pessimism among investors and further decline for Tryg. However, particularly in big stocks, low RSI may be a sign that the stock is oversold and that there is a chance for a reaction upwards. The RSI curve shows a falling trend, which supports the negative trend. The stock is overall assessed as technically negative for the medium long term.



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November 16, 2022, kl 17.00 - 19.30 Oslo, Norway Seminar: Investment Climate Opportunities and Challenges autumn 2022
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Collect stock market data

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Perform advanced analysis

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Deliver actionable insights

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Founded in 1997, Investtech is a leading Scandinavian company within the field of research on behavioral finance and technical analysis of stocks. Investtech’s research findings have been put into practice and have resulted in a comprehensive decision support system analyzing stocks and other securities. The system is utilized daily by investors worldwide.

Investtech uses advanced mathematical models and statistical optimization techniques as a basis for the analyses, generating objective and transparent decision support. The company provides web-based subscriptions to private investors and has been a prominent provider of technical analyses to financial institutions, brokerages and media since 1999. Courses, seminars and webinars are also arranged with clients directly, or in collaboration with partners.

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