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Founded in 1997, Investtech is a leading Scandinavian company within the field of research on behavioral finance and technical analysis of stocks. Investtech’s research findings have been put into practice and have resulted in a comprehensive decision support system analyzing stocks and other securities. The system is utilized daily by investors worldwide.

Investtech uses advanced mathematical models and statistical optimization techniques as a basis for the analyses, generating objective and transparent decision support. The company provides web-based subscriptions to private investors and has been a prominent provider of technical analyses to financial institutions, brokerages and media since 1999. Courses, seminars and webinars are also arranged with clients directly, or in collaboration with partners.

Christian Sveen Harto is Investtech's CEO and Chairman of the Board for AIF Investtech Invest. Mr. Harto has worked for Investtech since 2012.

Phone: +47 21 555 888
Email: Send email
Visit: Strandveien 17, LYSAKER
Post: Investtech.com AS, Strandveien 17, 1366 LYSAKER, NORWAY


Geir Linløkken founded Investtech in 1997 and Investtech Invest in 2010. He has more than 20 years' experience with technical analysis and is the author of the book "Technical Stock Analysis - for reduced risk and increased returns". Mr. Linløkken is Investtech's Head of Research and Analysis.

Phone: +47 21 555 888
Email: Send email
Visit: Instituttveien 10, KJELLER
Post: Investtech.com AS, Strandveien 17, 1366 LYSAKER, NORWAY




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